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Marketing Committee

Mission Purpose: To promote the interests of the Elder Care Network and its members through actions that will increase the visibility of programs and activities that reflect the ECN mission.

Committee Job Description:

  1. Develops policies, plans, procedures, resources for committees' involvement in marketing
  2. Informs ECN steering committee about ECN's marketing plans and about the resources needed to realize those plans
  3. Familiarizes ECN members with fundraising and communications techniques
  4. Monitors and evaluates the quality and effectiveness of marketing efforts
  5. Monitors the strength of the mission, core values, and committee projects to ensure their relevance and consistency with ECN's message to the community.

2017 Marketing Committee Co-Chairs:

Haley Harrison & Kirstyn Wilson

Member Showcase

David Fraser
Vitality Home Healthcare
1562 Taurus Court
Loveland, CO 80537

Home Care Services : Medical

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