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JoAnne Bennett

JoAnne Bennett
Bennett Fiduciary Services, LLC
PO Box 271706
Fort Collins, CO 80527

JoAnne Bennett/Bennett Fiduciary Services, LLC

As a private professional certified fiduciary, Ms. Bennett serves others as:

  • Trustee (for all types of trusts; Revocable, Irrevocable, Supplementary/Special Needs, etc.  The Trustee administers the trust.)
  • Guardian (an appointment by the court to make medical and personal decisions for someone who is limited in their ability to make those decisions.)
  • Conservator (an appointment by the court to manage the assets of a person who is limited in their ability to manage their assets and protect themselves from fraud.)
  • Agent under Power of Attorney (all types; General or Durable, Medical or Financial)
  • Personal Representative (Executor of your will)

"fiduciary"  - a person whom the law obligates to act solely with the highest standards of integrity on behalf of another, in a relationship of trust, confidence, and without conflict of interest.

How would you answer the questions below?
  1. Are you managing the personal business of a loved one who is unable to manage it themselves, but would like to find someone to take over handling some of the details?
  2. As you get older, is it becoming increasingly difficult to take care of your affairs and would like to find someone to help you?
  3. Would you prefer to have someone outside of your family and close friends administer your estate should you become incapacitated or pass on?

 If your answer was "yes" to any of the questions, a fiduciary may be able to help you.

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