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The Caregiving Process

It may be helpful to think of caregiving as a journey...

Caregiving is a positive process in which one or more people take the primary responsibility for nurturing and meeting another person's needs. It may be helpful to think of caregiving as a process where everyone — the caregiver, care recipient, family, medical team and others who help — cooperates in the care management process, which aims to create the most positive, rewarding, and comfortable life possible for the care recipient.

care process

The experience is different for every recipient, caregiver, and support team, but certain steps occur frequently. You may follow all or some of these steps. You may double back to repeat some steps. Or you may follow them in a slightly different order to the way in which they are presented here.

The steps are presented here as a guide, and are flexible enough that you can adapt them to your own individual circumstance.


On Caregiving: Interviews with adult caregivers of family elders.

This video was produced by the Larimer County Office on Aging in 2008. Some information regarding the Larimer County Caregiver Coalition may not be current. Contact Lynette McGowan at 970-498-7758 for more information.

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