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Managing Progress

No matter how detailed or comprehensive a care plan is, it is valuable only if it meets the care recipient's needs and produces desired outcomes.

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 The primary caregiver, care team, and professionals should review the plan regularly to assess its appropriateness to a changing situation. Ask some simple questions to determine the plan's effectiveness:

    • Is the care recipient functioning well?
    • Is the care recipient happy overall?
    • Does the care recipient believe the plan is meeting his or her wishes and needs?
    • Does the plan ensure that the care recipient is safe within his or her environment?
    • Are the primary caregiver, care team, and recipient communicating well?
    • Is the plan meeting the goals set by professionals such as physicians, geriatric care providers, and social workers?
    • Is the primary caregiver able to organize her or his time effectively?
    • Do the primary caregiver and care team feel the plan is working?

Ask yourself these questions at regular intervals, such as once quarterly or every six months. The answers will guide the entire care team in updating the care plan. If you have questions or concerns about care plans implemented in a nursing care or assisted living facility, you can contact a Larimer County Ombudsman and they can assist you in working with the facility to find an optimal solution.


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