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Caregiving Information

The following topics offer education and information about caregiving. We hope you find this helpful in your role as a caregiver.
Caregiving Insights
The ECN Education committee is sponsoring a new educational series called Caregiving Insights. It will feature the contributions from care provider experts from the ECN community. The aim is to provide family caregivers valuable information gleaned from the practices of these caregiving professionals.
Family Perspectives
Learn from shared experience of adult children and spouses who have been caregivers for aging family members.
This section on financial topics, as throughout our website, offers only some guidelines and is intended to provide you some information so you'll be motivated to get personalized professional advice and implement a plan of action to meet you and your family's needs. Nothing should be interpreted as being a recommendation.
Certain conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia, diabetes, stroke, arthritis, and cancer, are often more common in older people. If someone has one of these conditions, it may influence care decisions. Here you can learn about conditions that may affect the health of your loved one now or in the future.
Many types of insurance plans available. Information on common types are provided here.
Legal matters related to aging can be a major challenge for seniors and their families. Fortunately, resources are available to assist families and caregivers as they help seniors address these issues.
Many considerations pertains to placement of an older family member. Does it appear that your loved one can safely stay at home or should another placement be considered?
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