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When Is It Time To Move?

There are definite signs that families and caretakers can look for to determine if it might be time for a move… or at least to assess if additional help to the current living situation may be necessary. Below is a list of some potential areas to review as signs indicating at time to consider moving.

Eating.  What types of food, quantity, variety, freshness are being eaten?

Bathing.  How often?  Can the care recipient bath themselves, or do they need assistance?

Transfering.  Can they safely get into bed, or out of a comfortable chair?

Cooking and Food Preparation.  What is the condition of the kitchen?

Shopping.  Do they make appropriate decisions?

Medication.  Is mediation taken as directed?  Are there pills scattered around the house?  Is there a list of medications with directions?

Telephone Useage.  Can the telephone be properly used?

Housekeeping.  Is the hourse dirtier than usual?  Are the floors cluttered?

Driving.  How often does the care recipient become lost?  Is he/she able to verbalize directions.

Paying Bills and Managing Money.  Are bills paid on time?  Is the checkbook balanced? Are financial papers appropriately filed?

Laundry.  Are clothes scattered around? is the wahing maching being used properly?  Is there detergent?

Safety. Can the care recipient use the stairs?  Are there grab bars in the shower?  Can he/she exit alone in the event of an emergency?

Emotional.  Is the care recipient depressed or sad?  Is he/she in constant grief about losses?  Are they current interests and activities?  What is his/her view on life and his/her world?

Socializations. Does the care recipient get out?  Does he/she participate in activities that have previously been enjoyed?  Does he/she attend their place of worship?

Health.  Last, but not least, are all of the health concerns being addressed?

It is important to remember that every individual case be looked at as unique and that one indicator alone may not be reason enough to initiate a move.

This article was written by Kirsten Hartman, Seniors in Transistion, LLC

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