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Family Perspectives

Information in this section was provided by adult children and spouses who have been caregivers for aging family members. These family perspectives are not intended as professional advice, but rather as shared experience which may be helpful to other family caregivers.

What exactly is a caregiver?
There are many ways to provide care to an aging family member.  You may slide into the role so gradually that you do not recognize you are there. Or you may feel that your contribution is too minimal to qualify as real caregiving. This section explores the variety of experiences that can define the role of caregiver.

Unrealistic expectations, both by the caregiver and by the person receiving care, often contribute to a sense of guilt and inadequacy. This section examines some of those expectations and identifies more realistic objectives that experienced caregivers have found useful.

Limits to providing care
At any point in your life you will assume a variety of commitments and personal challenges that may limit your abilitiy to provide elder care. It is wise to acknowlege these limits and to incorporate them into a strategy of care.

Funeral Planning FAQs
Having conversation about funeral plans before death is best. Once death occurs, our brains don’t work as well. We like to say have the discussion, get organized and then put it aside to either live your life until its end or be with your loved one until their end comes. Although this is not an easy conversation to start, once it begins, big and important decisions can be made. We invite you to look through commonly asked questions and answers provided courtesy of Chris and Stephanie Goes (Goes Funeral Care & Crematory, Ft. Collins, CO)


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