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FAQs #18

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Q18. Are researchers getting any closer to a cure for Alzheimer's. What is the latest research?

A18. Monica Keefe:
There have been many exciting advances in Alzheimer's research. So far, there is not as much information about curing the disease as there is about delaying it's onset. Promising studies based on some genetic studies would seem to indicate that people at high risk for the disease may soon be able to be identified, and in so knowing, be able to make use of several things that may delay the onset of the disease. Obviously, this is a rather general statement, and if you would like more specifics, I would refer you to the University of California at San Diego , where some of the most promising research is happening.

Some of the things being studied that may play a part in delaying or perhaps eventually preventing the disease are Vitamin E therapy, use of non-steroidals, estrogen, to name a few. For more detailed information, check out the Alzheimer's Association Web page.

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