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Funeral Information FAQs

The following are questions frequently asked about funeral arrangements. Answers have been provided by Chris and Stephanie Goes of Goes Funeral Care and Crematory.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much direction should we provide ahead of time to loved ones regarding our wishes for funeral arrangements? How should we accomplish this and when?



Q2. What if prior arrangements have been made (and paid for) that are no longer practical?



Q3. What happens to pre-payment money? What are some cautions/suggestions prepaid plans?



Q4. Can Medicaid provide money for a funeral?



Q5. Once a death occurs, what happens next? Who must determine that a death has actually occurred? What happens if it is an unattended death?



Q6. What exactly is embalming and when is it required?



Q7. What is cremation? What are the options for disposal of the remains?



Q8. Who qualifies for veterans’ benefits. Where are the closest national cemeteries?



Q9. What are the minimum and average costs for preparation, funeral and ??



Q10. How many death certificates should be requested?



Q11. How do you choose a good funeral home? What do you ask?


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