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Funeral FAQs #11

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Questions and Answers

Q1.How do you choose a good funeral home? What do you ask?

A1.Chris and Stephanie Goes, Goes Funeral Care & Crematory:

    • Reputation and personal recommendations are the best ways to choose a funeral home.
    • A comfortable, non-sales but care oriented conversation is a must.
    • Reasonable costs, honesty, integrity and approachability are things to look for.
    • Intimidation is not acceptable. If you feel the least bit uncomfortable, you have the right to change your mind and walk away.
    • Comfortable facilities are important, but be cautioned that the more ostentatious the surroundings, the more the cost can be expected to be.
    • As with any business, cleanliness, punctuality, focus and attention to detail are factors to be strongly considered.

Questions to Ask:

    • Is the person with whom you are arranging the plans qualified to do so and will that person actually be the director in charge or will there be various people for various jobs?
    • Do you sense that they truly care?
    • Where is the care being completed respectfully and by whom?
    • Is the owner is the owner a part of the community?.
    • How do they refer to the individual deceased? Is the deceased a body to them, or are they always aware that this is someone?
    • Is cold calling (i.e. uninvited calling) used?
    • Will the experience you’re about to have be meaningful and special, or is this simply going to be a sales transaction to the funeral provider?


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