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Funeral FAQs #4

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Q1.Can medicaid provide money for a funeral?

A1.Chris and Stephanie Goes, Goes Funeral Care & Crematory:

Yes but only up to a certain amount. It’s a bit more complex than this, but essentially, a qualified Medicaid recipient (one with no assets or pre-paid funeral plan) could receive up to $1500 if 65 and over and up to $1000 if under 65. However, and this is important as it is potentially limiting to one’s preference; the total amount of the funeral can not exceed $2500. The additional $1000 or $1500, to bring the total to $2500, comes from the family. These amounts are currently under review, but compared to many states, Colorado is generous in its assistance to the social services/Medicaid recipient.

Funeral homes cannot insist on cremation to reduce expenses but can and do limit goods and services available. Funeral homes must reduce their typical prices and profit to assist and to comply with the $2500 maximum. Many cemeteries offer reduced prices for Medicaid needs and usually have a specific section within the cemetery allocated to such burials. Because of such limitations, it is wise to pre-plan and pre-pay and make the plan irrevocable well before running out of funds and applying for Medicaid assistance. Many people outlive their money saved during their lifetime, and this is a way to ensure their preference for a specific type of funeral for themselves.


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