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Funeral FAQs #6

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Q1.What exactly is embalming and when is it required?

A1.Chris and Stephanie Goes, Goes Funeral Care & Crematory:

Embalming is the process of disinfection and temporary preservation of the body by chemically treating it to reduce the presence and growth of organisms, to retard organic decomposition, and to attempt restoration of the physical appearance. Chemicals are used arterially to replace blood throughout the body. Embalming is not considered permanent, but allows for effective viewing or presentation after as much time as weeks.

State of Colorado health regulations require sanitary disposition of the deceased within 24 hours (CRS 12-54-111) by burial or cremation or to be embalmed or refrigerated which can delay the burial or cremation.. Embalming may be recommended for certain types of arrangements, for instance viewing in church or other public facility or transporting to another funeral home in another state (at their request) or other certain circumstances of death.


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