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Funeral FAQs #7

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Q1.What is cremation? What are the options for disposal of the remains?

A1.Chris and Stephanie Goes, Goes Funeral Care & Crematory:

Cremation is a form of disposition as is earth burial. Cremation is the process of placing a human body under great heat (up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit) to reduce to bones & ashes or cremated remains. Cremation reduces the size of the remains but options still exist as to what to do next.

Earth burial or columbarium placement within a favorite (whether local or distant) cemetery is certainly an option, as is keeping a loved one’s cremated remains at home. A special urn/container is typically used. It is ok to scatter or distribute over nature but permission is prudent. To scatter cremated remains in Rocky Mountain National Park one can request permission from the Chief Ranger’s office at 970.586.1219. Discretion is most important, but check the rules first. If a family does not want the responsibility of deciding what to do and simply wants them disposed of, we recommend scattering via land or aircraft somewhere in the mountains.


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